As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

Food for Thought: April 19, 2011

Because of my job, I read countless articles every week regarding food policy, food culture, environmental issues, gardening and public health. So, why not share some of my favorite articles with a little commentary on a regular basis? Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Mark Bittman’s opinion column in the NY Times is a must for me and he always has it right (in my opinion).  This past week he outlined how we could save $$$$ during our budget wars by simply preventing certain diseases (through improved health). What about M. Bittman for Ag Secretary? Or hell, President?!

It seems everywhere you turn these days, schools are banning one sort of food product or another. Well, this one Chicago school has outlawed lunches packed from home. While I understand the logic, I question whether banning home-made food is the best way to solve the problem. How about some good ol’ fashioned edumacatin’? What about classes, workshops ( flyers in kids take-home bags?) for parents on what to pack their children rather than an outright ban? I almost feel like a teabag er I meant Tea Partier shouting for individual family rights on this one. But I guess with slim budgets, there is no time or money to conduct such an intervention.

Bolivia will soon be passing a law that grants human rights to all of nature. As much as I like the sound of this, I wonder how much of a sound bite this is? Serving for 2+ years as an Environmental Education volunteer in rural Bolivia I can tell you that conservation and “protecting nature” are not part of the colloquial vocabulary. I would be all in favor of the government launching a campaign of how to conserve and manage natural resources, being that climate change will most likely have an impact on the poorest nation in South America.

And just to keep things fun, check out Colbert’s report about the increasing price of cocoa and what that means for American chocolate bar.



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