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Honoring My 8th Grade Spanish Teacher

Several weeks ago I had the luck of running into my 8th grade Spanish teacher, Sra. Falbo. We had lunch about a week after that–what a treat! I remember when the 8th grade semester first started and everyone knew that Sra. Falbo’s class was hard–she spoke puro Español. The first few weeks of class I was as lost as the next person was. But only for a few weeks. I soon began understanding everything! It was probably my favorite class in 8th grade–I just adored Sra. Falbo’s way of teaching and I learned so much that year. I owe a lot to Sra. Falbo as I continued taking Spanish in high school and placed out of all lower-level Spanish courses when I rolled in UT, thanks to my AP exams. I ended up getting a second major in Spanish in college. And living in Ecuador. And serving in the Peace Corps in Bolivia. And securing a job in which I use my Spanish daily.

Over lunch she showed me a post card that I had written her (in Spanish) the summer after I graduated 8th grade. I can’t believe she still had it!! Being the Spanish grammar nazi I am, I critiqued several mistakes I made but laughed nonetheless.

Mil gracias y saludos to Sra. Falbo and all of the fabulous teachers that have given greatly to our lives!

Sra. Falbo and I at lunch


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  1. Linda Casnovsky

    What a wonderful encounter & tribute to your teacher. It was encounters & students like you that gave dad his greatest joy from teaching & coaching. How do you put a price tag on the gift of a teacher inspiring/influencing their students??


    April 17, 2011 at 4:29 pm

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