As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

Help Sustainable Food Center win 10K from Dell!

Hi Friends and Readers–

Sustainable Food Center NEEDS YOUR HELP TODAY THURSDAY, MARCH 10! Support Sustainable Food Center by tweeting with these hashtags: #ed4good #AUS
Dell is hosting an “education for social good” competition, and Dachis Group, a local social media consultancy, and Texas Advertising have teamed up to promote the SFC’s efforts. Winners will be chosen based on sheer volume of social media mentions, i.e. the cause with the most tweets, Facebook mentions and blog posts, on March 10 between 9am – 3pm, wins. If SFC’s team wins, SFC will receive $10,000, provided by Dell.

You can participate in one of the following ways TODAY Thursday, March 10 :

  • Join the conversation on twitter: search for “#ed4good #AUS
  • Ask your followers questions about local food, i.e. Why do you like eating local? What’s your favorite in-season veggie? What local food are you having for dinner? Use your imagination!
  • Share a recipe in 126 characters (you’ll need the other 14 for the hashtag)
  • Publish a blog post about the importance of supporting local food, farmers and restaurants.
  • Share your participation in the competition with your network and encourage them to SHARE and REPOST, USING THE HASHTAG!!
  • If your Facebook page is public, update your status with what you like about the SFC and/or eating local

IMPORTANT! For SFC to receive credit for everyone’s tweets, Facebook mentions and/or blog posts, everyone must use the hashtag: #ed4good #AUS

This is a national competition, and we would really love to keep Dell’s money in Austin!  It turns out that SFC is the ONLY local nonprofit in the competition, so we have a strong fighting chance. Thank you for your support!


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