As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

Nature Working Before My Own Eyes

I came across this little guy as I was filling up my watering can from my rain-barrel. Smallest Praying Mantis I’ve ever seen!

While putting up the chickens last night, I came across a bunch of little tomato seedlings in my backyard. My garden in the front yard, so there is only one way that these guys ended up in the backyard: my chickens. Back during tomato season I had so many cherry tomatoes that I would often feed a few to my hens everyday. They loved them! Well, from middle school biology, I think we all remember that many plants use animals to help spread their seed. Chickens eat tomatoes –> chickens leave droppings with seeds –> tomatoes start to grow.

Rogue tomato seedlings

Just two more examples of why I love gardening and owning chickens–you never know what you’ll come across and it sure is cool to see nature working right in front of your eyes!


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