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Tomato and Pea Seedlings UPDATE

The tomato and pea seeds I planted on Feb. 3 are doing great! I will definitely be planting the peas by the weekend as they are getting too tall for their little pots; pretty soon they will start to grab onto each other with their tendrils. I moved them outside since the day-time temperatures are in the 70s and night-time temps are in the high 50s. I think both the plants and me are happier 🙂

The tomatoes took a little longer to germinate, but nonetheless are growing! I’m very proud being that I saved these seeds myself.

On the day I thought I had lost my garden to the cold weather, it was comforting to know that life goes on–my seedlings were continuing to grow inside as the garden lay under the leaves, hay and black plastic. And now that my garden did survive, I have the best of both worlds–established plants as well as baby ones! This is one of the many reasons I love having a garden–getting up close and personal with the cycle of life.

Tomato seedling on the left, peas on the right



One response

  1. Being a zone 7b gardener, I seldom buy or start potted seedlings.
    I have a 200+ day growing season and it seems to me my garden planted seed plants produce fruit very near the same time as seedling I have planted.
    Garden seeded plants seem to develop a better, deeper root system making them stronger plants and requiring less supplemental water.

    Happy Spring Gardening

    February 16, 2011 at 5:03 pm

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