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Tomato and Pea Seedlings

This past weekend, when it was a balmy 70 degrees, as opposed to the frigid 20 degrees that the thermometer reads as I write this, I planted tomato and pea seeds. The whole month of January, my expert-gardener- co-worker kept reminding me to start my tomato seedlings so they would be ready to produce on time! So, the last weekend of January I finally got to it.

Saved tomato seeds

Ready to plant the tomato seeds (I don't like wearing garden gloves!)

Prepping the seedling pots

What’s exciting to me about the tomato seeds I planted is that I saved the seeds from my best-producing tomato plant last season. The two summers now that I have had a garden have been slightly disappointing as far as tomato production–I think my soil harbors a fungus or the pH is off or something–still trying to figure it out. Anyway,  the “Rockstar Tomato” plant kept on giving. Unfortunately, I lost the tag, so I do not know what variety it is nor do I know where it came from (I got tomato seedlings last Spring from several places). The tomatoes are very small–smaller even than a cherry tomato. But, boy, would that plant produce and they were as sweet as candy! What I couldn’t eat I would give to my chickens, who went crazy over them.

Anyway, due to the cold weather, I now have 16 tomato and pea starts sitting on top of the dishwasher. However, the peas are already starting to germinate!

Dishwasher turned greenhouse


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