As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

Chickens in Heaven

I have six hens in my backyard. And maybe I should just say “back” because there is no yard left–they ate it all. I cannot grow enough greens for both them and me in my garden so I started buying greens at the SFC Downtown Farmers’ Mkt for them. My friends gave me a hard time, “You are buying that for your chickens?!! Why don’t you just buy some cheap iceburg lettuce if they want greens?” My justification is that if I eat their eggs, then really aren’t I just feeding myself, via my chickens?

I had thought about asking some of the farmers for their greens scraps, but hadn’t done it yet because I thought that any scraps they would have would just go to their chickens or back to compost that would then feed their crops. But on Saturday, I gave it a try and asked Brenton Johnson of Johnson’s Backyard Garden if they had any. I was in luck! I came home with three bags of scrap greens for the chickens, which put them in heaven!


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